Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tasting Room

A few weeks ago I was introduced to a new marketing concept that I believe can revitalize both the wholesale and retail wine business. A brilliantly executed marketing tool called Tasting Room.Com. What they are able to do is take any finished wine and then in an airless chamber open and accurately refill that wine into very small sample size bottles without losing any of that wines integrity. Now you may wonder why would anyone need a sample of wine that small and so creatively packaged and then presented in these clever foam presentation boxes that look as if regulation 750 ml bottles were put through some sort of a Willi Wonka miniaturizing machine and came out the size of of an airline pour? The answer here is pure marketing genius.
The wines are handled so they stay true to the winemakers original condition and NOW, you the consumer, can sample six (6) selections from a wineries portfolio before you have to plunk down some hefty $$$ money and see if those wines are worth the price. Now if your lucky enough to be out here in wine country thats one thing, but since most people buy their wines from their local establishments, here's a great way to sample first before ordering online direct from your favorite or soon to be favorite winery. These kits offer you a chance to taste six (6) different wines from select portfolios for about the same price as one bottle of wine. You then can order directly from those wineries hopefully establishing new direct relationships with them that will bring you the wine drinker many long term benefits that only the enjoyment of wine can bring.

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