Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spring Rain here in Napa Valley seems more natural and more like a necessary nurturing to the environment. I never had that feeling about the rain back in NYC. The incessant stop and start of it, the sound of the heavy drops landing in patters of repeated thuds on the soil never bothers me here as it did when I would have looked out my window back east and thought "do I really have to go out in that!"
It's raining and the sun is peeking out this morning, are there rainbows in the forecast?
The forecast actually is for sunny skies starting tomorrow and that just might be the last of the rain until the Fall. Maybe it's a good day to plant all those organic tomatoes and basil plants I have just acquired from Yountville. Seems that grapes aren't the only thing that grows beautifully here in the Napa Valley.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday in Napa valley headed north on Rt 29 with the family in tow. Curving northward past Calistoga and into Knights valley and beyond to Alexander valley. The sky was clear and the road was clearer ahead. 85 degrees all the way to Sonoma where we were heading to visit friends and to taste from a few select vintners.
Driving down from Geyserville south along Dry Creek passing many of my favorites along the West Road all the way down to the River Road. Stopping at the Joseph Swan Vineyard to taste and purchase some '05 "Mancini Vineyard" Zinfandel;much lighter in alcohol at 13.9 % ,with hints of dried cherries and a wonderful pepper finish. Then on to Merry Edwards where I can't resist buying more Sauvignon Blanc. The '09 is just released and this will be the 3rd year in a row of my losing control of my wallet to buy this wine. My absolute favorite Sav Blanc and this '09 is more citrus and tropical fruit than last year's wine which was delightful with it's lemongrass notes, just can't wait to drink this '09 with friends! Of course friends were where we were headed for so it was back to Vinehill Road and dinner with Don & Patricia. Always so great to see them and always a delight to share their wine :) As you can see below in the photo, we started with the '02 DuMol "Chloe" Russian River Chardonnay. The '02 has maturity and a well integrated touch of oak, it made for very pleasant sipping as we all shared some goat, sheep and cow cheeses.
Dinner came and so did the '00 Kistler "Sonoma Coast" Pinot Noir, still big and bright with its deep cherry fruit flavor and so nice after 10 years of waiting to be appreciated. What a nice day, the kids, the wife and a day spent appreciating how wonderful it is to be living here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Swanson Rosato

Swanson Rosato on a beautiful Napa evening...delicious, perfect with everything!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook Frenzy

Seems that their has been a overnight viral implosion over at V. Sattui Winery regarding the Op Ed letter denouncing Firemen and their overpaid & cushy jobs. More than 2,000 Facebooker's have started a boycott of V. Sattui & Castello da Amorosa wineries over this "foot in mouth" fiasco. It remains to be seen how many more join in the boycott by tomorrow. CBS news picked up the story this morning. I guess I should consider myself lucky to have gotten out before all of this blew up. Stay tuned!

St. Helena Sunset

The Hess Collection

Follow the Redwood Road. Who would have expected to find Francis Bacon residing up on Mt. Veeder? The art was a cultural breath of fresh and the curation of the entire exhibit delighted us all.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Time Is Now

The Wine Juggernaut will post what he tastes, witnesses and feels about wine and the wine business as he lives it here in the Napa Valley.