Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spring Rain here in Napa Valley seems more natural and more like a necessary nurturing to the environment. I never had that feeling about the rain back in NYC. The incessant stop and start of it, the sound of the heavy drops landing in patters of repeated thuds on the soil never bothers me here as it did when I would have looked out my window back east and thought "do I really have to go out in that!"
It's raining and the sun is peeking out this morning, are there rainbows in the forecast?
The forecast actually is for sunny skies starting tomorrow and that just might be the last of the rain until the Fall. Maybe it's a good day to plant all those organic tomatoes and basil plants I have just acquired from Yountville. Seems that grapes aren't the only thing that grows beautifully here in the Napa Valley.

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